Plastic trays are produced using Vacuum forming and Pressure Forming method. This process involved of heating plastic sheet, forming sheet into shape and trimming to the required dimension. Trays can be used for different purposes, such as shipping trays, storage trays, in-process trays, display trays, food packing trays, etc.

Various materials being used to make this type of trays, there are HIPS, PVC, A-Pet, Pet-G, HDPE, ABS, PP and OPS. We also capable to do Anti-Static and Conductive trays to meet ESD requirement. Food contact grade materials are used for food packing trays to pack vegetable, bakery, confectionery and fruits.

Our trays, blister shells, clam shells are widely used in consumers electronics & electrical, hardware, oral care, semiconductor, tele-communication, data storage, and food industries

Samples of Plastic trays: (For more information please contact us)